Landscape Design and Plan

JMF Icons design planningWe offer free estimates and consultations to design your landscape either in your home or at our design center. We can change or add to your existing landscaping or do a full landscape overhaul. For a full landscape design, we offer to-scale CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) drawings for free if installed by JMF. If you choose not to use us for the installation but would like to keep the design, a small fee will apply. For the do-it-yourself customers, you can stop by our design center with pictures of your home, site plan, and measurements and we can create a to-scale design for you to work from. Call for more details!



JMF Icons installationWe install everything from one shrub or tree to a full landscape. Installation services include weed barrier, mulch, stone, shrubs, trees, edging, topsoil, grass seed, transplanting and more. Pick-up and delivery of your trees or shrubs is available. We always make sure everything is installed by our installation guidelines and stand by our work with a warranty. Give us a call for any of your installation needs!


Water Features

JMF Icons water featureAdding a water feature to your landscape can make a great focal point. From a trickling stream to a mega waterfall or just a pond in your backyard, we can do it all. Water features are a form of art so we ask our customers to look at pictures before our consultation. Estimates are only given on-site so the area can be assessed for exact pricing. A maintenance plan can be put in place after installation upon request.


Landscape Lighting

JMF Icons landscape lightingIt is amazing when you drive by a house at night with the right layout of lighting how it just shows off its character. Enhance your landscaping with low voltage landscape lighting. From garden pathway lighting, to focal point lighting there are many options to enhance your landscape even at night. Don’t forget about your patio and sidewalk lighting to brighten your path. We can highlight your pillars or columns with under-the-cap lighting as well. Let us enhance your landscape with lighting to make your house stand out. LED lighting is available as well!


Sod Installation

JMF Icons sod installationLooking for a beautiful lawn but don’t want to wait for grass to grow? Don’t count sod out! With our reasonable installation pricing, why wait for your new lawn to grow when you can have an instantly beautiful lawn. We will do a full removal of your old lawn and prepare the area before installation. After installation we discuss the recommended water guidelines and fertilizer/pesticide programs. All of our sod is cut from a reputable local company.



JMF Icons warrantyAll new plant installations come with a 1-year warranty on labor including trees and shrubs only. Perennials and annuals are not warrantied. If the customer has not properly maintained the shrub or tree, the warranty can be voided at any time. MUST WATER! Transplants are not warrantied unless management agreement. There are no warranties on sod installation. For more details or questions, please contact JMF Landscaping’s management.

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